Cecelia's Log.
Blank 1 / Night 3

I’m not going to bother to say how relieved I am.

Nightmare 1 / Night 2

He’s back in my dreams once more.

I had hoped to never see Him in my dreams again, but no, He’s back.

Just watching. Staring. Quietly.

I need to go sleep, but I can’t anymore.

Daydream 2

Rage-induced. Passed out after an idiotic fit of rage.

Several words were repeated, these being what I can remember.

Live. Eat. Sleep. Learn. Live. Eat. Sleep. Learn. Achieve. Live. Eat. Sleep. Learn. Achieve. Excel. Live. Eat. Sleep. Learn. Achieve. Excel. Love. Eat. Sleep. Learn. Work. Love. Eat. Sleep. Learn. Work. Monotony. Eat. Sleep. Work. Monotony. Sleep. Reproduce. Eat. Sleep. Watch. Work. Eat. Sleep. Fake. Work. Eat. Sleep. Grow. Work. Eat. Sleep. Regret. Work. Eat. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
Sleep no more, freedom is here.


Daydream 1

A dream, possibly a nightmare, of killing someone.

I’m not really sure.

I’m pretty sure the person who I was killing was actually me, and I was.. I’m not really sure who’s perspective I was seeing from.

I’m not sure it was a nightmare because.. It seemed easy, and.. oddly gratifying.

I’ve got a bad cough to nurse, I’ll post again tomorrow.

Dream # 1 / Night # 1

Didn’t see Cecelia.

Saw several people running around in a crowd, I was part of it.

Nobody I could recognize was there.

It seemed like the people were screaming, yelling.

It was too loud. Much too loud.

I had headphones. I put them on. I turned them up.

I woke up.

Description so far

Cecelia has light, or dark, brown hair, naturally straight, sometimes curled with a curling iron.
Length varies, normally 3-5 inches past her shoulders at most. 

Slightly chubby sometimes, nothing that couldn’t be worked out without much trouble.

Attire is normally shirts and pants, shorts, and on one instance a pair of booty shorts*.

On a few occasions, wearing dresses with complementing colors, mixes of bright and dark. On one occasion, a lolita maid dress.

Normally seen in family outings, on one occasion outside, I was running with her.

Light blue eyes, high cheekbones.

* Without helping it, I looked at her butt while she was in those shorts. I don’t think many people can blame me. They match with her chubby body, but it didn’t lose any curves when she was normal again. 

A note.

My main blog is sage-of-mach-egin .

This is a log for my dreams, all of my dreams.
Including those not having her. I may post every day, I may not; dreams are a sketchy subject.
Cecelia is.. a girl in my dreams, who’s appeared several times. 
She was named by a friend, so the name may change in the future..
It’d be pretty useless to follow this blog if you aren’t one of my friends,
Or you’re planning to psychoanalyze me.
That is all.